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Dr. Kevin Orieux (“DocKO” as he is more affectionately known by his clients and co-workers) studied psychology and sociology at the undergrad level before achieving his DMD in 1989 and starting Aararat Consulting as an adjunct to his private practice clinical responsibilities in 1995. Dr. Orieux has held numerous leadership roles in the private sector as well as leadership roles in the healthcare industry at both the national and international levels.


How can we help you?

We help corporate bodies create synergy by providing its leaders and their people with training in the psychology and sociology of human dynamics, because when people learn how to overcome unhealthy mindsets, dysfunctional thinking and “me-centered” behavior then the corporate body can’t help but thrive and achieve its vision and purpose. Our training empowers leaders with the power to establish harmony and unity of purpose in their people, thereby creating a culture for enhanced performance and prosperity.



Renewed vision and refreshing spirit for a change

Books by DocKO

Survive Thrive or Dive is the roadmap you’ve been looking for to get your workforce motivated, purpose-driven and focused on the goals you and your company need to attain.

Nobody is counting the costs, but too many are giving us the wrong example to follow. So as our leaders are leading us into temptation, we are playing follow the leader. No wonder we’re in the mess we’re in.


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